Morgan Packard & Joshue Ott   link link link link

Joshue Ott is the creator of superDraw, a software application which augments simple line drawing in startlingly unique ways. In performance, Ott creates improvised hand-drawn forms which, after virtuosic processing by superDraw, rest in a delightful space between minimalism, digital psychedelia and curious simplicity. Musician Morgan Packard's own software programming endeavors allow him to explore his ideas about the simultaneous beauty and tyranny of loops in electronic dance music. His loving yet critical view of current genres contributes to a sound which is utterly modern, but beholden to no one. Ott and Packard will be performing pieces from their collaborative DVD, "Unsimulatable", out in June on Anticipate Recordings.

Julia Heyward   link

Julia Heyward's work is about the orchestration of music, image, and language combined in the forms of multimedia, performance and video. Heyward's "No Local Stops" won the New York Dance and Theater 1984 'Bessie' Award for outstanding performance. She has written, produced and performed in two other large scale multimedia performances entitled respectively "Mood Music" premiered May 1988 and "Miracles in Reverse" premiering in Potsdam, Germany in 1996. In addition to writing, directing, and creating the computer graphics, Heyward also wrote the music for "Miracles".

In 1992, Heyward was commissioned to produce visuals for a large scale multimedia performance piece for the 1992 World Expo collaborating with the Barcelona theater group La Fura del Baus and musician John Paul Jones. Subsequently, she was nominated for a Cal Arts / Herb Alpert Award in the Arts in the field of music composition and in 2004-05 in Film/Video/New Media. The recipient of multiple grants & awards, Heyward has been totally submerged in digital and interactive technologies.The DVD-ROM version of "Miracles in Reverse" has been shown at The Daejeon Municipal Museum in Korea (curated by Lawrence Rinder), at Art Interactive in Boston, and at the Wood Street Galleries in Pittsburgh as an installation.

Arturo Gil / Xnografikz   link link link

XNOGRAFIKZ is a design & arts studio founded in 2001 by Arturo Gil (D.F, Mexico, 1972) and Martha Caravantes (D.F. Mexico, 1972), XNO is a sort of cross-roads; the nodal point where our professional activities (motion graphics design for advertising agencies, corporations and film production companies) converge with personal projects involving music, graphics, images & ideas; audio visualization as an art form. Painting with light.

In live visual performances we aim to integrate the technique and craft of postproduction, graphic design and video art. Our set is an always mutating, always evolving video entity.

Tim Jaeger   link link

Timothy Jaeger is a Contemporary Artist and VJ whose work spans from live cinema performances and video installations to traditional prints, drawings, and objects. He completed an MFA at University of California, San Diego, studying under Jordan Crandall (chair), Lev Manovich, and Miller Puckette.

His book VJ : Live Cinema Unraveled helped shape the discourse amongst this new artistic field. Combining database logic & algorithms, custom software/hardware, and provocative themes, his artistic production examines overlooked / under-investigated aspects of contemporary culture, such as the use of spam email in performance settings (RESPAM). His work has been exhibited / performed at galleries and festivals such as PixelACHE Festival, Helsinki, ISEA 2004 & 2006, Estacion Tijuana, Telic Gallery, the Museo Reina Sofia in Madrid, and the 4th Annual Biennale in Seoul, South Korea.

He is currently working on a new conceptual VJ set revolving around port activity in Long Beach, using VDMX and Quartz Composer to develop a new abstract vocabulary of industrial America.

Tom Burbank   link link

Mixing left-field hip-hop with melodic electronica, producer/multi-instrumentalist Tom Burbank creates a sound somewhere between Prefuse 73, RJD2, and his labelmate Edit. The Los Angeles native was once a member of the Fela tribute band Afrobeat Down, and played numerous DJ sets up and down the California coast as a member of the BrokenBeat network. Burbank made his full-length debut in 2006 when Mike Paradinas' Planet Mu label released Famous First Words. Burbank explained the album as "a wonderful arrangement of frequencies in the field of 20 to 20,000 hertz with a twist of do right." ~ David Jeffries, All Music Guide

VJ Synesthete   link

During their performance together with Nalepa, will perform with their new 3D live performance software, 3L (pronounced “thrill”). 3L offers generative 3D video artists an alternative to tools such as vvvv or processing. is a collaborative group project of three video artists and coders: Michael Parenti exiledsurfer (vienna), Todd Thille synesthete (los angeles) and Pascal Lesport (paris) who create, perform and distribute unique and engaging audiovisual interpretations of contemporary culture, inviting audiences to participate in the cultural commons. Together and individually, have performed in over 15 countries with more than 100 DJs and live acts such as Jamiroquai, Ladytron, Stereo Total, Carl Craig, deepdish, Ellen Allien, John Digweed, and many others. cross the borders between form, narration, composition, and live performance.

Steve Nalepa   link link link

Electronic musician, VJ, multimedia event producer, author, art book publisher and mad scientist collector, Nalepa has explored a range of territories, but his first love has always been music. Armed with his analog synths, Ableton Live, and an arsenal of effects, Nalepa crafts songs by fusing together deep dub bass, glitchy breaks, bioacoustic atmospheres and beautiful sinewave melodies.

Based in Los Angeles, Nalepa has collaborated with world-renowned artists including Bill Laswell, Pharoah Sanders, Lili Haydn, Paul Cantelon, VJ Benton-C Bainbridge, performance painter Norton Wisdom and funk legend George Clinton. He has performed with a talented roster of electronic music artists including Murcof (Leaf), (a)pendics.shuffle aka 8FM (Orac/Kompakt), Jimmy Edgar (Warp), John Tejada (Plug Research), Deru (Merck, Mille Plateux), Edit (Planet Mu), David Last (The Agriculture), Oblaat (Cronica), Bluetech (Native State, Aleph-Zero), Sariah Storm (Terpsichore Group), and RD (ELM, the Designed Disorder).

Michael Lew   link link link

lev (live experimental video) is Michael Lew, an interactive media artist and experimental filmmaker from Geneva, Switzerland who started to fool around with nato and jitter while at the MIT Media Lab in Ireland. His award-winning installation and performance work have been shown in electronic art festivals across Europe and the Americas. A well-known figure in the underground live video art scene, he has performed at the Dublin Electronic Arts Festival (with DJ Thaddi Hermann / CCO / Berlin), the Society for Art & Technology in Montréal (with ninjatunes USA), the camping électronique, Le Placard (Paris), elefanten (l'Usine, Geneva), among others. He is currently a visiting artist at the USC school of cinematic arts.

Jega   link link link link

Mancunian Dylan Nathan started producing electronic music inspired by UK artists such as Orbital and Aphex Twin, but without much contact with the UK acid house explosion from which those artists originally issued. Recording under the name Jega for a growing number of labels, Nathan's well-composed hybrids of new wave, electro, ambient, and, more recently, drum'n'bass have been widely lauded internationally ; his releases for noted Manchester-based, Autechre-affiliated label Skam are among the label's best. Nathan got his start after close friend Mike Paradinas (aka u-Ziq, who also owns the Planet Mu label) urged him to get a few pieces of gear and begin making tracks. The results of that initial push were released by Skam in 1996 as the Jega EP, which was followed in mid-1997 by an additional self-titled 12-inch (sometimes referred to as the "Card Hore" EP). Nathan has also released tracks through Skam/Musik Aus Strom co-project, Mask, and provided a remix for MAS co-owner Michael Fakesch's "Demon 2" EP. The full-length release Spectrum appeared on Paradinas' Planet Mu in 1998, followed by an American contract with Matador. Two years later, Nathan returned with Geometry.

Lawrence Rengert   link

The superficial, (or sensory, I will equate these two here) is a punctuation, a point of entry, like a facade which one generally enters through only to find oneself inside of an experience that is quite different. Can the experiential be located outside of the sensory?

I am not sure whether I'll remember what I wanted to say, what I imagined it to look like as I'm saying it, until after we've had the experience then I might reflect on what went wrong and what unexpectedly went right.

Lawrence Rengert is a filmmaker currently enrolled in the MFA Fine Arts program at USC. His films have been shown in Europe and the US.

RD   link link

RD White is the founder of the Experimental Liquor Museum, a long time inspiration in the Los Angeles experimental music scene. He recently founded the online record label The Designed Disorder and is riding the success of its first release, Autonomous Addicts. RDs production is dark and experimental. His latest releases include the AdvDanced EP, an experimental four track electro appearing on Touchin Bass Records. More recently, RD has sought a slower, more melodic insanity, releasing tracks on his own labelthe Designed Disorder (US) and Colony Productions (UK) alongside twisted musical minds such at Tipper, Lusine, Funkarma, Richard Devine and a host of others whove grown equally comfortable in their own madness.